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Closing Date: Apply early as this job may be removed or filled as soon as there are sufficient applicants.
Pay Rate: 40000 Per Year
Job Open To: Internal and External Candidates

*Full time Train Crew employees on average can earn $60,000 per year (depending on hours worked) for the first two years, plus benefits. Rate of pay starts at 40,000 dollars.

Ensure safe, on-time/on-plan train operation and movement in compliance with company and Federal rules and instructions.

Train crew candidates should apply only to locations in which they are willing to live and work. The location in which you are interested is part of a transportation hub. Please review the train crew hub map, as successful candidates may be required to work in any location within the respective hub.


  • Ensure safe, on-time/on-plan train operation and movement in compliance with company and Federal rules and instructions.
  • The statements in this section are essential job functions that an employee must be able to perform with or without reasonable accommodation in order to achieve the objectives of the job. In this regard, please note that the description is generic and represents a composite across like position assignments. There may be position specific differences related to geography, available technology, work force levels, incumbent seniority level, etc. which should be clarified in individual situations.


    • Responsible for train operation and movement. Includes: operate locomotive equipment including through the use of a remote control device; and perform hostler operations of operating locomotives between various shop locations, service tracks and switching areas.
    • Pushing, pulling, lifting, and carrying up to 25 pounds frequently, 50 pounds occasionally, and assisting in the infrequent movement of weights of up to 83 pounds.
    • Coupling air hoses.
    • Uncoupling cars.
    • Applying and releasing hand brakes.
    • Riding rail cars and climbing onto equipment.
    • Applying bilateral use of upper extremities when needed, such as maintaining a grip with both hands.
    • Maintaining balance and coordination on stairs, ladders, uneven terrain, moving equipment, rails, and ballast.
    • Maintaining three-point contact when holding on a ladder or train.
    • Removing, replacing, and carrying knuckles and aligning drawbars.
    • Following safety precautions.
    • Reading and comprehending regulations and instructions.
    • Preparing written documentation and materials.
    • Working and interacting with others.
    • Inspecting the conditions and operations of equipment and machines and making adjustments (may require bending or stooping).
    • Monitoring, observing, interpreting, and relaying signals and placards to gather and communicate information.
    • Analyzing and troubleshooting problems to identify solutions or alternatives.
    • Monitoring the situation, environment, and gauges to gather information and take appropriate action (requires ability to recognize sounds and changes in sounds and requires color vision, the ability to detect and interpret visual stimuli, day and night, at near and far distances, including hand signals, printed material text, and the speed and distance of moving objects).
    • Communicating clearly with co-workers and train dispatchers via radio.
    • Basic keyboarding.


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  • Applicants must be 18 years of age or older.
  • Must have a valid driver’s license.
  • Applicants for this position must pass a pre-employment test in English before being allowed to interview. The number of candidates who pass the test and will be granted an interview is based upon hiring needs. If you have taken this test and failed within the last six months, you will not be eligible to apply for this position. Click here to see a sample of the reading test.
  • Develop and maintain positive working relationships with coworkers, supervisors, contractors and/or customers and effectively handle conflict situations.
  • Ability to speak English in a clear, concise manner in order to communicate with coworker(s) and supervisor(s).
  • In the past 36 months from the date of this application, you must have not had any of the following related to alcohol or drugs: driving convictions completed state actions, or suspensions or revocations of driver’s license
  • Authorized to work in the United States without company sponsorship.
  • This posting is for: 1) current Union Pacific employees interested in transferring to train crew from another (non train crew) craft; and 2) for external applicants.
  • This posting is for current Union Pacific employees interested in transferring to train crew from another (non train crew) craft; AND external applicants. Active or furloughed train crew employees should not apply to this posting.
  • Physical Ability: Ability to apply muscular strength, power, flexibility, aerobic capacity, range of motion, and endurance in the performance of the physical requirements of the job. Click here for a description of the Physical Abilities Test


  • Active Listening: Attending to and understanding key pieces of spoken information (e.g., from dispatchers, co-workers, etc.).
  • Manual Dexterity: Ability to make quick, accurate, skillful, and coordinated hand movements to grasp, place, or move objects.
  • Reaction Time: Ability to respond or react quickly to a situation using a single movement of the hands, arms, or legs.
  • Stress Tolerance: Working productively and effectively when faced with stressful working conditions.
  • Using Common Sense: Making safe decisions based on sound judgment.
  • Safety Orientation: The willingness to practice safe work habits.
  • Teamwork: Working well with others in groups, cooperating with others, and offering to help when needed.
  • Work Orientation: The willingness to make a meaningful contribution to work.
  • Reading Comprehension: Reading and understanding standard written text of a nontechnical nature. This includes the ability to read text, identify major points, and draw conclusions.


Transportation employees are responsible for serving our customers by providing the safe, on-time and on-plan movement of freight trains. From the switchman organizing freight cars in the train yard to the train crew’s delivery of goods, Transportation makes up the largest portion of Union Pacific’s workforce. Employees are assigned to specific hubs throughout Union Pacific’s 23-state network that dictate the geographic region of work.


Union Pacific is one of America’s premier transportation and logistics companies, linking 23 states in the western two-thirds of the country and serving many of the fastest-growing U.S. cities. Generations of Americans have built successful careers at Union Pacific and in the process, they’ve helped build a nation – delivering lumber for our homes, food for our tables, energy for our power plants and the countless raw materials and finished goods that supply the American way of life.


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