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Job is a significant factor and life without work is impossible. With a job, you can do everything, either fulfill your desires or family needs but the most imperative one is you eventually attain social status, self-respect, and confidence which makes you feel the part of society.

You need a job Asap, Right? Maybe your employer handed you a pink slip and now you are unable to go without a paycheck. Or you don’t like the workplace and can’t stand any longer. So, whatever the reason, you are in need of a job, and you really need it fast. The best way to get a job fast is to pay attention to your application process and be prepared.

The main question remains! Where can you get a good job fast? At 7 Day job Inc., we are going to tell you about 7 global companies that hire within a week or less.

We all know that one of horrible parts of the job hunt is the post-interview waiting. You have spent hours inscribing cover letters, preparing for interviews, exploring different companies/organizations, and fine-tuning your curriculum vitae, but after the interview, the waiting time feels like it is taking the longest.

Many firms take months to notify the potential candidates if they have got the employment. Also, waiting around for the reply is extremely daunting, particularly if you are trying to shifting to a new town or just pay your bills. This feels so awkward and exhausting! Isn’t it? But don’t worry, we have got some good news for you. There are some companies where you can find work fast – within 7 days to be exact.

The following great companies are well-known for hiring within 7 days or less. Therefore, you will definitely be considering to send in your CV if you need to find a job fast.

  1. Amerit Fleet Solutions (Walnut Creek California, United States)

Amerit Fleet has built its reputation over the years for being the most hard-working, trustworthy and dependable partner through their sole focus on doing just one thing, Fleet repair and maintenance services. Their renowned reliability, responsiveness, customized service programs, and professionalism are based on their core values of integrity and partnership. So much so, coupled with their unrelenting drive and enthusiasm to do whatever it takes to keep their customers’ fleets rolling.

This company offers the fastest way to get a job. Get an appointment, meet the HR managers, and if you are skilful and can fulfil their requirements, they will hire you on the spot. Likewise, it is incredibly easy to discuss potential job opportunities. You will find them kind and very easy going. So, once they offer you the job, you just need to come back with the required documents and begin the process of on-boarding.

  • SSM Health (Saint Louis Missouri, United States)

At SSM Health, the hiring process goes fast and smoothly from start to finish. The Human Resource Department at SSM Health carries out a fast process that includes a phone screening, in-person interviews, and assessment. You will find all SSM HR employees very friendly and helpful.

  • Sunrise Senior Living (McLean Virginia, United States)

Here, the interview process is very efficient and quick. The HR Department knows exactly what they are looking for and what they need. If you apply for a job at Sunrise Senior Living, you will find them very transparent with how the company operates and are very willing to offer you great opportunities.

  • Young Men’s Christian Association (Geneva, Switzerland)

Young Men’s Christian Association (YMCA) is a community-focused non-profit organization founded in 1844 at London. The company headquarter is located in Geneva, Switzerland. This not-for-profit organization offers children care, camps, sports and recreation, health and fitness programs.

Here, you will have enjoyable and fairly easy interviews. According to Indeed.com, you won’t feel nervous because the supervisor or interviewer speaks gently. Surely, they will ask you different questions related to your job. Just make a better impression and get a job fast!

  • RSM International (London, United Kingdom)

This is a global network of accounting firms that form the 5th largest professional accountancy network in the world. If you are seeking an accounting related job, you will be amazed that RSM hires quickly with an extremely welcoming approach. The HR department will absolutely love to see your engagement and passion on campus, like club involvement. We recommend you to get well-prepared beforehand.

  • WBB Consulting (Reston Virginia, United States)

WBB Consulting is a company that offers engineering and information technology jobs. Here, the interview process is a little extensive. You may have three interviews within a few days with three different hiring managers of the company. You don’t need to prepare for hard interview questions because they mostly ask you about your past work experience and environment. If you passed the three-stage interview process, then you don’t need to wait longer. They will hire you immediately!

  • Glassdoor (Chicago, London, San Francisco)

Glassdoor offers different roles such as HR Partner, Account Executive, Account Manager, and Senior Manager of Business Operations, Customer Success Manager, and Product Manager Etc. You can apply on their website if you are looking to get hired in any of these roles. They will review your application within a couple of days and call you for the interview based on your eligibility.

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