Creating Extra Income – Part 1 Make Money Fast

Creating Extra Income

How to Capitalize On Your Skills and Assets to Make Money Fast


Opportunities Are All Around You!

Sometimes you just need a bit of cash and you need it fast. It happens for any number of reasons. Maybe you want to make an extra car payment. Perhaps you owe more taxes than you anticipated. Maybe you want to buy a new computer or your dog needs surgery. There are thousands of reasons why someone might need cash fast and the reason really doesn’t matter.

What matters is how you find that extra cash.

Buying lottery tickets in hopes that you win big is fun but it’s not a feasible plan. The odds are against you. Whether you’re saving for an upcoming vacation or you’re behind on your bills and want to catch up you can earn money quickly by capitalizing on the skills and assets you already have.

Many times when someone needs extra money they start looking to outside resources to help them. Maybe they take out a high interest rate loan. Maybe they ask friends or family. Maybe they take on another job or work overtime. All of those are options to be sure. However, you probably have better options right in front of you.

You Possess Unique Skills, Talents, Knowledge and Resources

Generally, the best way to make money is to focus on the things that are unique to you. We’re talking about your skills, passions, interests, knowledge and even the stuff that you already own.

There’s a lot of money to be made and when you focus on what makes you special, you’re able to not only enjoy making that extra money, you’ll also have a much better chance at success.

For example, Sue is in need of cash to pay for car repairs. She needs her car to get to work and of course she needs to get to work to pay her bills. Sue is sharing her predicament with a friend. This friend, who wants to help, tells Sue that she needs some alterations done on some clothing and she’d be happy to pay her to do the alterations. Sue agrees because she needs the money but she hates sewing and she’s not very good at it. She is however a fabulous chef and makes cupcakes that are little works of art. If Sue had done a little digging she would have learned that there was a craft fair in town during the weekend and she could have put up a booth and sold her cupcakes and other baked goods to earn the money she needed. Instead, she spent the weekend sewing, grumbling, and unhappy.

What Makes You Happy? What Do You Have to Offer?

From crafting to home repair there are myriad options for you to choose from. Each interest, skill, and passion presents an opportunity for you to make extra cash. Maybe you love gadgets and have a closet full of old cell phones, computers, computer parts, and even old gaming consoles. You could make a mint selling those electronics. And that’s just one idea for a gadget lover to make money.

If you’re in dire straits and need cash fast it’s difficult to set aside that panic, fear, and frustration and brainstorm what you’re good at and how you can make extra money. However, that’s exactly what you need to do.

When you can focus on what you have to offer it’s so much easier to make money quickly and you’ll have fun doing it.
Pull out a piece of paper or grab a notebook and write down the things you love to do, the things you’re good at, the things you are interested in learning about and your existing belongings and resources (because you can earn cash by selling your clutter).
For example, a list might look like this:
* Enjoy being outside – lawn care, gardening, dog walking, and snow shoveling
* Have an old collection of coins from great grandpa that are sitting in the attic.
* Also have that collection of Mexican tiles that I meant to make something with five years ago but never did.
* Knowledgeable about training and caring for parrots.
* Certified accountant and able to do tax returns for others

Each one of these is an opportunity to make extra cash and this series is designed to show you how to make it happen. The goal of this series is for you to identify the resources, assets, and opportunities around you and to turn them into wonderful cash. Who knows, your quest for additional income may turn into a full time business for you. It’s been known to happen!

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How to Use this 3 Part Series 
This series is designed to help you make the money you need in the time you need it. It discusses everything from how to choose the right income model for you to how to successfully set up your business and make quick profits.

There are two potential approaches to using this series.
The first is to read it through (take notes). Then go back and review and highlight the areas you wish to focus on first.

This is the appropriate approach if you like to read material and think on it before you take action. However, you may want to keep a notebook handy when you’re reading so you can jot down any thoughts or notes.

The second approach is to read the series each day, (over and over again) and take action as you work your way through it. Of course you can always take a combined approach. Take notes on some items and action on others!

Let’s get started!

Check back for part 2 –

Capitalizing on Your Assets & Resources Making Money by Selling Products

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