How Do I Craft an Attention Grabbing Professional Resume?

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Crafting an attention grabbing professional resume eases the task of job searching several times over. As the name goes it makes the curriculum vitae appealing to the recruiters and hiring managers so that it get picked for consideration over others when selecting for a job on offer which is the objective in the first place. From the foregoing therefore, it is an ad copy which is supposed to sell the prospective job searcher to the employer having a job to offer. With this in mind therefore, its purpose is basically to get the prospective job hunter invited for an interview and consequently enhance the chances of getting employed. Our purpose in this article is to offer tips on how to improve the chances of invitation for interview.

Hiring managers often do not spend more than ten seconds on each curriculum vitae when skimming through piles of resumes when we want to select prospective candidates for interview. The reason is not far fetched. Out of a hundred about ninety or even ninety-five might not be worth the trouble. They however have to go through them to fulfill their objective of selection. Therefore they spend less time going through each curriculum vitae. It is only the ones that are appealing and meet their needs that they take more time to read and eventually select. These are the ones that are professionally crafted and not the ones that are poorly written.

An attention grabbing professional resume enhances the marketability of the job seeker because it has been crafted in such a way that it focuses on achievements and results rather than responsibilities. Also, it makes matching the skills, achievements and attributes of the prospective candidate easier and more effective therefore enhancing compatibility. Further, it reduces the time wasted on job searching by employment seekers. Finally, it improves your personal confidence and interview preparedness by reminding you about those attributes and accomplishments you might have forgotten in the course of an interview. With these benefits therefore, the advantage of writing your curriculum vitae in a professional manner cannot be over emphasized.

Your resume or curriculum vitae is a summary of you the job seeker’s skill, education and work experience. It is a marketing tool. Basically it is also an advertising copy or a sales copy used in marketing a product and that product is you. It should therefore demonstrate how your skills and abilities match up with the requirements of a particular job on offer or the employer’s requirements. One that is professionally written and attention grabbing on the other hand is one that is effective and therefore consistent, concise, clear and easy to read. It should be one that is free of errors. From the foregoing therefore if your resume is not professional and polished, your application certainly will not get a second look from the hiring manager.

Crafting an attention grabbing professional resume should therefore start with planning. By planning it crafting is made easier. The words flow faster and writing the ads copy which is your curriculum vitae becomes smoother. Planning opens a whole world of things that you ordinarily would have forgotten up to you. For example by listing all the skills, attributes and achievements down on a sheet of paper it makes up for easy reference rather than just plunging ahead without planning which makes it impossible for any thorough crafting. In point of fact when writing without planning, several items will be missing from the resume therefore decreasing job search effectiveness. To meet employer’s needs therefore planning increases your chance of doing so.

Next should be the actual structuring of the professional resume. To make the curriculum vitae very presentable and become a must read for recruiters, structuring it properly therefore becomes imperative. Structuring commences with the application of a checklist. The application of the checklist is to make communication of what you have in your resume more concise and in the end to reach your goal of being invited for an interview more comfortably. Tactically, using a checklist makes writing a professional resume clear and logical. Furthermore, it also makes writing it economical. The use of the checklist also sends some messages to recruiters. One is that you are an organized person. Two being that you have taken extra time to compose your resume and by doing that having given more than cursory attention to their requirements and consequently added more value. A checklist should therefore note the following: initial impression, appearance, proofreading, relevance, use of resume samples, getting a second opinion etc.

Another consideration in writing an appealing curriculum vitae is what kind of information to include. The information to include will be dependent on the amount of research work conducted in gathering of the information. The information should be tailored towards meeting the needs of the job on offer. If the job advert states that they require job seekers with specific skills and attributes, craft your resume to fit that requirement. You should therefore include such tailored to meet those skills and attributes and also including your achievement that goes along with them. Your curriculum vitae should include the following information: clear and accurate contact information, the objective for writing your resume, brief summary of the resume, details of your acquired experience, education, skills and professional membership.

Reliability is another important consideration in professionally written curriculum vitae. Experience has shown that many job hunters often do not present issues in their resumes the way they truly are. The resume being the only avenue through which they could project their image, most polish it off by telling half truth or sometimes bare face lies in their bid to get themselves shortlisted and consequently invited for interview. Experienced recruiters have seen through this scheme and therefore when scrutinizing them their first task usually is to judge the reliability. Your resume being a mirror of your personality to a prospective employer therefore shows the hiring manager your real personality. Presenting a reliable resume to a prospective employer therefore presents the picture of a reliable candidate. Further, presenting a reliable curriculum vitae to a recruiter will present the picture of a candidate with integrity. It will also present the picture of a reliable candidate, dependable and a person of impeccable character.

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